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The Open Retains Ballot For Tickets In 2023

The Royal & Ancient Society (R&A) has announced that The 151st Open Championship will retain its ticket ballot system which was introduced for the 150th Open Championship in 2022 at St Andrews Links’ Old Course, known as The Home of Golf.

Amid expectations of record crowds at The 150th Open totalling 290,000 attendees between 10 – 17 July 2022, The R&A has decided to keep the ticket ballot system first introduced in 2021 for the 151st Open Championship between 16 – 23 July 2023.

Ticket ballots have been introduced in various sports and major events where there is often an excess of demand and a limited number of attendee tickets. A ballot system ensures that everyone who signs up to the system gets a fair opportunity to access tickets. For The R&A to introduce their ticket ballot system through its self-managed distribution platform named The One Club, the process ensures regulation where ticket prices will not exceed face value. This guarantee differs from unregulated tournaments such as The Masters, where ticket prices are dictated by unregulated market forces. 

The R&A have a fully recognised commitment to open up the historic exclusivity of golf to everyone including children and young people to attend The Open. Free tickets are available for children as part of their “Kids Go Free” programme, with half-price youth tickets also available for 16-24 year-olds. 

Provided by the R&A
CARNOUSTIE, SCOTLAND – JULY 22: Francesco Molinari of Italy in action during the final round of the Open Championship at Carnoustie Golf Club on July 22, 2018 in Carnoustie, Scotland. (Photo by Richard Heathcote/R&A/R&A via Getty Images)

What are the different methods of accessing tickets to The Open Championship?

Apart from the ticket-ballot system which allows patrons to access general admission tickets to the tournament, The R&A has a list of official ticket resellers named Authorised Providers to The Open. There are two categories of Authorised Providers: one is hospitality providers whereby official third party agents are allowed to resell hospitality tickets to The Open. These can be sold by themselves or bundled into a travel package. The other type of Authorised Provider is general admission tickets whereby official ticket resellers must sell their allocation of general admission tickets bundled into other travel services such as accommodation, golf tee-times, flights and other travel-related services. It must be noted that this second type of Authorised Provider is not licensed to sell general admission tickets on their own; they must bundle the tickets into a travel package.

How can I know who is an Authorised Provider?

The R&A have a website page that lists their official Authorised Providers for the current Open Championships that are on sale. Authorised Providers (AP) usually have the official AP logo on their website, and it is the easiest way to know who is an AP other than by viewing the list.

Liverpool 2023 152st Open Championship Authorised Provider Logo is an Authorised Provider for The151st Open Championship 2023. Image courtesy of the R&A.

When can I access tickets to the 151st Open Championship?

There are two ways of accessing tickets to The Open 2023. The ticket ballot for the 151st Open Championship will open for one month from Tuesday 21 June and will close on Wednesday 20 July with the results being announced by the end of September this year. The alternative option is using an Authorised Provider: Travel packages that include guaranteed tickets to The Open are on sale now. For those travelling from afar, you can enjoy premium access to The 151st Open whilst playing other Open rota golf courses during your trip. Staged at Royal Liverpool Golf Club in 2023, join your Authorised Provider for an unforgettable experience. Contact us now.

Can’t travel to the 151st Open? Sign up to register your interest for The 152nd Open at Royal Troon in 2024 or the 153rd Open at Royal Portrush in 2025.

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