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The team at are thrilled to announce that from 01 July 2025, non-golfer itineraries will accompany every golf tour.

Historically, many of our tours have left non-golfer itineraries blank due to them preferring to do their own thing at their own pace whilst the golfers are playing. However, over the past twelve months, we’ve observed a significant shift in preferences. Non-golfers have increasingly requested set itineraries, prompting us to introduce dedicated programs tailored to their interests on all future tours.

Can I bring my non-golfing partner on trips before 01 July 2025?

Absolutely. Non-golfers are always welcome on our tours. Since our inception, we have traveled the world with non-golfers being a key part of our traveling club. If you wish to bring your non-golfing partner on a trip before 01 July 2025, they are more than welcome to join. We can assist with planning activities for them to enjoy while the golfers are playing, and will work closely with them to ensure they are provided the best activities that are aligned to their interests.

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What if my non-golfing partner doesn’t want to do an activity?

We understand that flexibility is key. As long as we have sufficient notice, we can customize a non-golfer’s itinerary to suit their preferences. Whether they prefer bushwalking over shopping or wish to skip a scheduled spa treatment, we can adjust their plans accordingly. Our tours aim to provide a perfect blend of sightseeing and golf, ensuring that non-golfers have ample opportunities to share included activities with their spouses while also enjoying their own interests at each destination. is committed to enhancing the travel experience for all our guests. With these new dedicated non-golfer itineraries, we look forward to welcoming even more travellers to our tours and ensuring that everyone has a memorable and enjoyable journey.

Which tours have pre-set itineraries for non-golfers?

From 01 July 2025, all tours on our calendar will feature non-golfer itineraries. These are customisable if someone doesn’t want to do a scheduled activity or would prefer an alternate activity. The three tours we have published already which we have amended to include non-golfer programs include:


We are excited to welcome more non-golfers on our tours and to be able to provide our regular guests with a program that their non-golfing partners can enjoy. This opens a new door for

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