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What to Consider When Planning Your Next Trip

Consider the length of time you and your group want to be away from home. What does your budget allow for? How far do you want to travel, and how long do you want to spend on the road or in the air.

Remember that each destination has certain climes, crowds and costs at different times of the year. 

  • Your ability to play popular, high-end golf courses may be limited during peak seasons (some golf courses require a ballot, member invites or certified operators to get a green fee)
  • Consider what the best mode of transport for your destination is. Do you want to catch trains or taxis, or rent your own vehicle? We offer a wide range of transport options, but it is essential that you consider your destination, group size, cost of transport, and understand that the value of certain transport methods varies in different countries.
  • Consider the type of destination. Do you want a quiet retreat near a golf course, an inner city hotel, seaside resort or action-packed hotspot?

When thinking about a golf trip, it is essential to think about what kind of experience you want it to be.

  • Is it an annual trip with friends?
  • Is it a family holiday that requires family-friendly resorts, restaurants & accessible golf courses?
  • Is it a bucket-list experience such as a honey moon, special birthday or once-in-a-lifetime world tour, or perhaps it is a golf pilgrimage around well-worn tracks?
  • Do you want to play golf every day, or play a little less and sight-see between rounds?

Understanding the experience you want in relation to how long you want to go for, the transport method you choose, and the size of your group is essential to getting the best value from your trip.

The all-important factor is budget. Important factors to consider when planning your trip:

  • The destination – Do you want to visit multiple destinations or just a few?
  • Mode of transport – Catching multiple flights, trains and taxis can be expensive compared to renting your own vehicle or limiting your trip distance
  • You must decide whether you want 3, 4 or 5-star accommodation
  • We offer golf club shipping services. Consider if you would like your clubs to travel ahead of you, or if you are only playing a few rounds and want to hire your own, or travel with your own (may require extra baggage on flights for golf clubs)

Finally, reconsider the above points ‘Duration, Destination, Experience” and compare them to your budget. It might mean that you need to reconsider your accommodation type, duration of the trip, or sacrificing a special mode of transport for a cheaper alternative.

Understanding that all the above points influence the cost and value of your trip is vital in having the best possible experience. goes to extraordinary lengths to ensure all trips are as seamless as possible, so it pays off to be as thorough as possible in the early stages of planning to ensure you have the best possible golf trip every time.

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