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Luxury Golf Cruises

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Cruising embodies a distinctive lifestyle choice. Regardless of whether it incorporates golf or not, cruises offer an experience that stands in a category of its own. Whether navigating the expansive oceans or tranquil rivers, modern cruising signifies an indulgence in life’s most refined pleasures. It is our privilege to collaborate with the preeminent boutique cruise lines worldwide, ensuring the delivery of extraordinary and unforgettable journeys.

River Cruising

In the realm of river cruising, the essence lies in the voyage—a refined exploration from one distinguished destination to the next. This curated sojourn invites guests to establish a week-long sanctuary, punctuated by frequent, enriching interludes. Unlike the rigors of road travel, where congestion prevails, cruising along the waterway offers an elevated experience. They provide an unparalleled opportunity to venture into enclaves that remain elusive to larger groups. With an intimate capacity accommodating up to 120 discerning guests, these cruises exude an air of bespoke sophistication. Each port of call is a meticulously curated encounter, reflecting a commitment to tailored excellence.

Yacht Cruising

Small ship yacht cruising offers a unique and intimate way to uncover hidden treasures in the world’s most secluded corners. These purpose-built vessels, meticulously crafted for exploration, cater to a discerning clientele seeking an unparalleled maritime experience. With a capacity ranging from 100 to 400 guests, these luxury yachts provide an exclusive setting for a select group of travelers. What sets small ship yacht cruising apart is its ability to navigate hard-to-reach locations that larger vessels cannot access.  This level of accessibility unveils a world of untouched beauty and cultural richness, offering a privileged vantage point for those who seek a deeper connection with the destinations they visit.

Ritz Carlton Cruises


Golf is a fantastic way to see the world, and can be enjoyed by players of all abilities. On a cruise, it is like you have checked into a floating hotel with luxury amenities available at all times. When you land at certain ports, some cruise lines have activities or free time. When you book a cruise with, you will have the option of adding rounds of golf at select ports. We will take care of everything on your golf days including club rentals, transfers and hire equipment.

There are three types of cruises we offer. The first is called an ”FIT” booking which stands for Free Independent Travel. This is where we book your travel arrangements on your behalf, but would not have a tour leader accompany your trip. For FIT bookings, guest counts typically range from solo travelers to couples and groups of up to eight. The second type of cruise is called an Escorted Golf Cruise, where we take an allotment of cabins on a scheduled departure, and have a set program for golf within the cruise. The third type is a charter, where we charter a vessel exclusively, and it runs a custom itinerary that we work with the cruise line to create.

No, we offer cruises through all of these brands as a standalone cruise. Adding golf is an extra service that we will build into the package. We will work with you to add golf at the right destinations, to ensure you see the places you want to see whilst playing golf at the destinations that fit your itinerary.

There are a few options available. Firstly, consider the destination and whether or not you want to play golf before, during or after the cruise. If a cruise you want doesn’t stop at any ports with golf courses nearby, we can tailor pre/post experiences for you to play golf.


For example, a Ponant cruise visits the Greek Isles, finishing in Rome. If the cruise stops at outer islands with no golf courses, we can build a 3-night package after the cruise in Rome with golf included, or a pre extension at a golf resort in Greece prior to boarding the cruise.

With enough pre-planning, your group can enjoy the services of a tour leader. This is subject to minimum numbers (12), and works great for companies, incentive groups, and larger groups of friends. Our tour leader(s) will ensure everything is looked after for your group including transfers, tee-times, golf competitions, prizes, and much more.

Although we specialize in small ship and boutique cruises, we can also book you a cruise on larger cruise lines. These include but are not limited to, NCL, MSC, P&O, Carnival, Scenic, Oceania, Princess, Royal Caribbean and many more. The average guest count on these cruise lines is 3,000. Please note, with larger ships, accessing ports and embarkation/disembarkation times may take longer, so your time aboard land may be shorter than smaller ship cruises.

Absolutely. We can help your groups and clients with dedicated planning and custom golf-itineraries before, during, or after their cruise. Contact us today to start planning.

Cruise the Nile on the S.S. Sphinx with Uniworld - Opulent Old-World Charm

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