Golf Cruises

Discover our selection of Golf Cruises hosted either by (Charter) or a trusted cruise operator. If you are an agent or have a group interested in one of our cruises, please visit our tour operator page here.

You Might Consider a Golf Cruise If:

Travelling to a New Destination
You may not be familiar with the destination's language, transport rules, safest areas or best attractions. Cruises are a great way to get around without needing to think about transport.
You Want a Hassle-Free Golf Trip
You might be tired of organising your own trips & prefer to sit back and enjoy the ride. Cruising offers a great way to see the world with likeminded people, and the process is easier than land-based tours.
You are Looking to Make New Friends
You might want to meet like-minded golfers for future trips, new connections, or simply to enjoy new company while enjoying the sport you love and visiting your new favourite destinations.


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