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Florida’s Streamsong Resort Adding New Course

Overlooking the seventh green surrounded by a lake and high dunes at Streamsong Golf Resort

Named ‘The Chain,’ Streamsong’s newest golf course will be designed by legendary architect duo Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw. 

Featuring a design of a six and twelve-hole loop, ‘The Chain’ golf course is under construction and is located just a short walk from Streamsong Lodge. The site is located in central Florida, southeast of Tampa in a place called Bowling Green. Built from the foundations of old mines, Streamsong Resort is an award-winning stay-&-play resort with three 18-hole golf courses and a new short course under development. The existing courses are named Blue (Tom Doak), Red (Bill Coore & Ben Crenshaw), and Black (Gill Hanse). All courses are laid out over relatively flat terrain which creates the illusion of walking on the moon; the fairways and greens are pockmarked with dimples and undulations. 

All the golf courses at Streamsong feature inland links designs. The Resort has received various awards as one of the best golf complexes in the U.S. and the Americas. Since its conception in 2013, The Resort has drawn parallels with other renowned golf destinations including Bandon Dunes, Sand Valley and even Australia’s Barnbougle Resort.

Golden dusk sunlight touches the practice golf facilities and clubhouse at Streamsong Golf Resort in Florida
Streamsong Resort

The Chain’s name was influenced by a piece of mining equipment used to hold a dragline bucket in place that was discovered on the site during the routing process. The Mosaic Company which owns Streamsong Resort, mined the 16,000-acre site for phosphate ore for decades which lead to the formation of the site’s unique sand dunes and moon-like landscape. The Chain’s golf holes will range from 90 to nearly 300 yards in length, and it will be a walking course. 

Designer Bill Coore stated that “although diminutive in size, we believe The Chain, when combined with the anything-but-diminutive Bucket putting course, has the potential to complement, perhaps even enhance, Streamsong’s reputation for must-be-experienced golf .” (Designer of Streamsong Red & The Chain).

With fantastic onsite accommodations, classic resort activities including fishing, sporting clays, archery, spa and premium dining, Streamsong is a destination unto itself, with golf in the limelight.

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