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Gathering reviews and reflecting transparency should be the centrepiece of a service-based company. has partnered with the independent reviewer Trustpilot to verify its reviews.

Originally set up as a brand of Events Travel (est. 1993), (est. 2018) has developed into the leading travel provider for golf events, bespoke trips and travel advice. As the dedicated team grows the brand, it is fitting to have a dedicated space on the website which reflects what our valued clients are saying about us. Each review is verified and limited to clients of

Trustpilot is the world’s leading independent reviewer

Where can I see your reviews?

You can navigate to the Testimonials page via the website’s Header > Resources > Testimonials. Alternatively, you can use the site search or head directly there now. These are only a snippet of the total reviews so we encourage you to head directly over to Trustpilot to get the full picture. You can do this by clicking the ‘see our reviews on Trustpilot’ button on the Testimonials Page. You can view Events Travel’s reviews here.

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