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Knowing that you are entering a binding contract when booking a trip is essential. Whether it is a one-night stay in a city or a month-long cruise around the world, Covid-19 has forced every travel provider to reconsider their Terms and Conditions. At Events Travel and, our clients have been booking with trust and knowledge that we are a fully accredited travel agent and golf tour operator. See our accreditation for more information.

Previously, we had a PDF-only version of our terms and conditions, but the team at has created a dedicated page to serve our booking terms and conditions and is accessible at The webpage contains a link to download the PDF version, but it has increased user-experience with the help of a table of contents that allows you to navigate to the most relevant sections. believes in transparency and the right to information when booking a service, regardless of the industry.

As both a retail and wholesale travel provider, realises the need to provide our own booking and travel terms and conditions. The level of authority within the golf travel sector that we seek to emulate demands a high level of service and strives to provide the most in-depth information during the entire process from researching, booking and travelling. Please see our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information or feel free to contact us directly with any questions.

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