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FAQ’s are highly sought-after for troubleshooting, specific or general information. The FAQ page is the newest resource that helps 

Sometimes, when you want to find information about general processes, payment information, or you want help with an issue while travelling, frequently asked questions on a website can resolve all issues without the need to talk to someone. The FAQ page is built with the same layout as Events Travel’s FAQ’s, to streamline the process between parent and child company. We have gone even further with a built-in form that enables you to directly ask us your own questions. 

FAQ Structure

To help with the nuts and bolts of what does, the question structure is laid out with ‘Events,’ followed by ‘Booking,’ ‘Travelling,’ ‘Troubleshooting’, and finally ‘Why’ From the simple questions like ‘how do you take payment’, from the more in-depth questions like ‘can I change my booking after it’s confirmed?’ we have a great range of answers to assist you. If in doubt, the ‘Ask a Question’ feature is available for you to contact us directly with your very own question; we aim to reply to all questions within 24 hours. Alternatively, you can call us and email us direct at any time via the contact us page.

How to find the FAQ Page

Step One

Resources drop-down in website header menu
Step one: In the Header at, locate the ‘Resources’ drop-down

Step Two

FAQ page location within the website header
Step one: In the ‘Resources’ drop-down, click FAQ’s Resources remains committed to providing easy access to the world’s best golf destinations. The ‘Resources’ section in the header of our website is an exciting place to watch as we develop more information that provides in-depth knowledge on your favourite golf destinations, as well as how to get there. If you cannot find the information you are looking for, please get in touch.

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