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Events Travel & Voyages.golf PANDEMIC STATEMENT (Revised 1st June 2020)

Events Travel and Voyages.Golf are selling our range of tours, leisure golf travel and spectator sports events from 15th September 2020 through to the 150th Open at St. Andrews in July 2022.


Reservations are available to book now for UK residents for UK based events such as The Open Championship.


2020 and early 2021 listed events are pending developments regarding Government travel restrictions as well as general health & safety notifications published by DFAT Smartraveller. We are unable to make a judgement on any event until we receive official notification.  When that happens our clients with existing bookings will be notified along the following lines:




When an event is cancelled or postponed we automatically provide existing guests with the option to keep any payments made in credit for the rescheduled event or to cancel in full for a refund less the nominated Events Travel or Voyages.golf Booking Fee.  Each Event will have a specific Booking Fee in case of client cancellations. 

 – https://events.com.au/terms/

 – https://www.voyages.golf/booking-and-travelling-terms-and-conditions-v2-0-from-01-june-2020/

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